All I See is Part of Me

All I See is Part of Me

This book is one of the most gorgeous and meaningful stories I’ve come across in a long time.

Several years ago, I read Chara M. Curtis’s book All I See is Part of Me to my little girl. She picked it out to read again this week, not having remembered it at all. As we read the gorgeous story together and looked at the beautiful pictures, it reminded me how much I love this meaningful little picture book and how I would love to get a copy of it for my daughter.

The story starts out as a child—who could be a girl or a boy; my daughter assumed the child is a girl—explains how she is part of everything she sees, from her community to her puppy, the moon to the stars. The child used to think that she was small, nothing more than a little body; but after the universe—the sun and stars—explained that she is a part of everything, and everything is a part of her, she now feels so much bigger, a part of all that was, is and ever will be.

Mr. Sun and Sister Star not only tell the child, “We are one,” but they also explain that everything we ever need to really know is already in our bodies; we just have to find the answers and listen to ourselves. There is even a lovely illustration of questions going into the body, with the answers inside the outline.

In addition to the lovely gentle text, the illustrations are also lovely. They are completed with layers of colored pencil, and my daughter found them absolutely breathtaking. “They look real!” she told me as she snuggled into my side. Completely calm and enamored with the book, she murmured, “Can we get a copy of this one to keep?”

Of course, I said, “Of course.”

The book goes on to show not only the light within your body and all of the amazing energy and cosmos within, but also the connection of you to everything else in the world—including a gorgeous drawing of various people and animals of the world, which is my daughter’s favorite page. In addition to people of every shape and color, there are all kinds of farm and wild animals—from a bear to a giraffe to a tiny mouse—all drawn in the two-page spread.

If you purchase one picture book this year, I would recommend this one—especially since it’s a harder-to-find book on top of its loveliness.